Samsung CES 2015 Press Event Live Blog: Follow The News As It Happened

Samsung CES 2015 Press Event Live Blog: Follow The News As It Happened

What will we get from Samsung this year at CES? Tizen TVs? Sweet new laptops and tablets? Another Michael Bay storm-off? Join us for the live blog and find out!

All times are in AEDT.

7:55am, 6 January

The press conference kicks off in earnest at 9am!

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And we’re seated! The tagline for this press conference is all about “shaping the future”. God knows what that means.

Here we go!

(Heads up, we might have a few connectivity issues as we go along. Don’t worry though, we’ll have all the news as it happens no matter what the Wi-Fi wants to do!)

And we’re off. President and COO of Samsung America, Tim Baxter, is up to start.

We’re talking about Samsung delivering a good range of TVs, tablets and other stuff in 2014.

Now, onto 2015. Here come some announcements.

Here comes the first one: it’s a portable SSD that’s smaller than a business card. It’s called the SSD T1. Do want.



Here’s another: Samsung’s Milk Music service (which we don’t get in Australia yet), is expanding to Smart TVs and PCs in 2015.

Samsung Milk Video is getting Gear VR compatibility with a new service called MilkVR. MilkVR is new 360-degree experiences every week, and Skybound Entertainment (the Walking Dead people) are making an exclusive series told in short episodes coming later on this year.


Executive VP of Samsung America, Joe Stinziano is up now to talk about TVs.

Samsung has a new partnership group called the UHD Alliance: it’s made up of members including Netflix, Panasonic, Sharp, Disney, Warner Bros and 20th Century Fox. It’s about getting UHD/4K content to customers.

Samsung is debuting something called S-UHD today. Because you didn’t have enough acronyms confusing you when you were out to buy a TV.

The first S-UHD model is an 88-inch panel. The S-UHD delivers great colour, better brightness, deeper blacks and contrast, according to Samsung. New semi-conductors allow it to do so, so the S stands for either semi-conductor or “Superb”, which Samsung seem to be going with.


Samsung has redesigned the bezel on its TVs to make it look like there’s more depth from Curved UHD TVs.

Industry design genius Yves Behar is up talking about Samsung’s new designs now.


Samsung’s new design flagship is the S9W: a TV that Yves Behar says is meant to look like a sculpture. It’s a curved TV that took inspiration from a blade when it was being designed. It sits on a giant cube, which also acts as a speaker.

Wonjin Lee is now up talking about the smarts in Samsung’s new Smart TV.

From this year, all Samsung Smart TVs are going to be powered by Samsung’s Tizen OS. The Smart Hub has a redesign for 2015, and it’s getting new features.

It has Quick Connect that lets you connect your tablet to your TV faster; comes with faster menu navigation and adds a floating panel to your sports broadcasts to give you stats and news as it happens.

Tizen also means that you’re going to be able to choose new games to play, and PlayStation Live will also be built in to play select PS3 games on your Samsung TV.


Samsung also has a new Audio Lab in Los Angeles with industry boffins to make Samsung TVs sound much better, too.

The first thing out of the lab? An omni-directional sound experience from those speakers that look like something out of Aperture Labs. We’re onto you, Samsung. With your portal speakers…

We’re moving onto smart home appliances now. Get ready for exciting fridge news, folks. (sarcasm font)


Samsung’s new Chef Collection fridge, microwave, oven and dishwasher are out on stage right now. They came out on stage in one big block display, and silently slid forth for all to see. It’s all very reminiscent of how the robots in Interstellar move about. Except shinier.


Enter some chefs. These chefs will be sending new recipes to a Samsung Chef app on Android coming soon.


The PowerBot VR9000 was also just showcased. It’s coming to the US later on in the year, but we already have it! Read our review right here.


And that’s all she wrote, folks! Thanks for joining us at this year’s Samsung 2015 CES press conference!

Refresh this post periodically for the latest news!

Luke Hopewell attended CES 2015 as a guest of Samsung Australia.