Apple Pay May Launch Internationally By March

Report: Apple Pay May Launch Internationally By March

Since November, the rest of the world has been forced look on with mild annoyance and jealousy as Americans have paid for stuff with fingerprints (and a $US600 phone). But according to a report from 9to5Mac, the days of having to key in a PIN -- ugh -- are numbered.

The report, which quotes anonymous "sources close to the situation" and therefore should be taken with the regulation fistful of salt, pegs a Canadian launch for March, with a fuller international rollout expected near to the same time.

An international launch of Apple Pay is an obvious no-brainer, especially since (as the report notes) Apple listed job vacancies last month for a team to roll out Apple Pay across Europe, the Middle East, India and Asia. A launch in Q1 this year would also dovetail nicely with the Apple Watch release, which is expected around the same time. Launching Apple Pay alongside Apple Watch would make complete sense, since the Watch is the only way for individuals without an iPhone 6 to use Apple's payment magic.

Still, if there's anything to be learned from the US rollout of Apple Pay, it's that the payment networks and bank systems are insanely complex and petty -- and that was within just one country. Don't ditch that Chip-and-PIN any time soon, in other words. [9to5Mac]



    So, whenever you buy somehting a bank will take a cut, a credit card company will take a cut and now Apple will take a cut.

    I've had NFC in my phone for 3 years and it takes Apple to make companies go, oh this is a thing now let's get on board.

      Maybe you should thank Apple for getting round to it then?

    We don't need Apple Pay in Aus. We've got paywave. So simple and easy, Haven't used a PIN in over 2 years.
    Went over to the US a few months back, I'm amazed at how far behind their banking/financial system is. No wonder they need Apple Pay.
    Sorry Apple, don't see the point of this one

      Your purchases must be cheap, Pay wave over $100 still requires a pin.

      Apple pay adds authorisation to the purchase via touch ID and it means you don't have to carry a card around. It also tokenises the transaction, so it adds significant security over the current pay wave implementation.

      Well actually the US had paywave way before we did, it just didn't catch on back then.

      Couldn't agree more your either reaching for your wallet or your phone it will take the same amount of time regardless how you choose to pay

    yeah what reason do google have for not releasing Google Wallet in Australia, which I might add works perectly good for folks in the USA?

    I suggest all the Google fanboys take a step back and consider the implications of what wide scale acceptance of Apple Pay would mean for everybody.

    Also read up on the primary point of difference of this service from others. Security by means of tokenised payments. The fact that the adoption of this system is happening so rapidly in an industry that struggled to put chips in cards for years is truly remarkable.. That ain't a gimmick at all.

      There's no difference between the Google and Apple security implementations from the POS perspective. Merchants don't get access to your card information either way. On the backend Google gets access to your card data, whereas Apple does not (at least, not after you give it to them when originally adding your card to the system). The Wallet-capable devices would be capable of doing it Apple's way too, the difference being that originally the US mobile networks blocked Google from doing this since they were trying to implement their own (now failed) competitor.

        There absolutely is a massive difference at POS! The tokens themselves provide a huge amount of security against card skimming and scanning since they only work once. The Google method directly exposes your card number which is precisely what you don't want.

          No it does not. Google Wallet uses host card emulation while Apple Pay stores credentials on the phone but both systems result in the merchant not being presented with the user's actual card details.

    I'm looking forward to it. Would love to see it integrated with rewards cards. Currently using an app which means I have to open the app, choose the card and then scan the code. Imagine if the rewards card could use passbook and automagically scan via nfc as part of the payment process. It would save me seconds per day, seconds I say!

    Interested in hearing about the retailer side of this. Does the retailer have to sign up to yet another merchant service? So we need to sign up for Visa/MasterCard through our bank. Then we need to sign up to Amex. Then we need to sign up to accept paypal. Now we gotta sign up to take Apple Pay? And what's their take out of my hard earned sale? More/less than visa/mastercard?

    Why? EFTPOS and Visa/MasterCard covers all my customers already.

    As for security with tokenisation and the merchant not getting the card details... So what? visa/MasterCard covers you in the case of fraudulent usage and gives it all back to you. So do I care about more security? not really.

    just don't see the point of apple pay in Australia where it's all working nicely already.

      Both Apple and Google's systems work through existing Paypass/Paywave terminals. If you're a merchant and you have those installed already, you won't need to do anything.

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