Report: Apple May Be Creating A Stylus For The Rumoured iPad Pro

Report: Apple May Be Creating a Stylus for the Rumoured iPad Pro

Apple Insider reports that Apple may be considering its own stylus or iPen or Apple Pen or whatever for the upcoming iPad Pro, or is it the Air Plus? Like I said, it's a big ole rumour party.

But this rumour happens to come from Ming-Chi Kuo from KGI Securities. Yes, that Ming-Chi Kuo, the guy who's known as the "world's most accurate Apple analyst." He has Nostrodamused a couple of Cupertino's secrets in the past, including Apple Watch release timeframes and specific iPhone 6 specs. Now, he's focused on iPads, specifically how Apple's mega iPad may soon have a new fancy stylus accessory.

Report: Apple May Be Creating a Stylus for the Rumoured iPad Pro

His thinking is pretty sound. Apple already has patents for its own stylus, and a bigger iPad wouldn't interest the average user anyway, who would most likely stick with a iPad Air or Mini. Instead, the big iPad will be marketed toward creatives and artists who need the pen to do their tablet-based artwork.

Kuo doesn't think the stylus, at least the first generation, will require any hardware changes on the iPad itself though we could see what he calls "3D Handwriting," with the iPad able to detect the stylus even when it's off the screen, after 2015. If the stylus proves popular, that is.

A stylus in general would be an interesting departure from Steve Jobs philosophies on tablets. He famously said near the release of the first iPad that "if If you see a stylus, they blew it." But the Apple Watch is already evidence that the company is moving past the Steve Jobs era, so they may not even care.

Of course, this is all still living snuggly in rumorsville, but the idea is an interesting one. But if Apple does want to enter the world of digitizer pens, many companies, like Microsoft and Wacom, will offer some tough competition. [Apple Insider]

Image via Shutterstock (definitely not a render of the rumoured iPen)



    "moving past the Steve Jobs era" sounds like coded language for "no longer able to innovate" :-(

      Yes, but it might also be combined with 'taking up some of the good ideas that Steve Jobs snubbed'.

    Please release one, so I don't have to buy Samsung Note or Surface for drawing with stylus.

      Surface is so much better than a silly iPad hahahahahaha

        and so much worse than a reasonably specced, similar price ultralight laptop.

          That's one thing people get wrong, the surface RT or surface 2 (not the pro versions) were meant to be a simple tablet & not an ultrahigh laptop. You are right that they are over priced though

        It is if you want a laptop replacement but I don't, I just need it for drawing and i got so many apps in from the ipad, so getting surface just for drawing is SILLY

        And not to mention how dry the Windows app store is. I already got XPS 12 for it, but I just need precision stylus like Note or Surface 3.

        Depends what you're using it for. I had the i7 Surface Pro 3, ended up selling it and continuing on with my iPad. The things I wanted to do were done better on the iPad.

      I use the Surface Pro 3 for University with OneNote, it is great for taking notes in lectures and tutorials, all backed up to Dropbox, can work just like a laptop, but also has the ability to enable me to draw diagrams, graphs, and do math using the stylus. Best computer for any student.

      Also great for commuters who wish to study on a train, as you can have a PDF one one half of the screen, and OneNote on the other, and write with the stylus.

      Way better than an iPad for doing anything productive. On the other hand, I do use my iPad for consumption of things, like reading websites in bed etc.

      If Apple bought out an iPad with stylus it may be good, but they would also have to allow split screen to make it work.

    Here's a silly question, will Apple patent this? Will they tell everyone how great it is & how they created it, made it better etc? I wonder if they will sell it on its own for a high price?
    So many questions, let's wait & see what happens.

    what happened to

    "If you see a stylus, they blew it"

    Apple fanboy " styluses suck"

    apple brings out stylus, "styluses are cool, everyone buy one quick"

    queue for 3 blocks

    iPhone is small because "you" have small hands

    Last edited 19/01/15 9:54 pm

    This is exactly what I've wanted since the original iPad was released. I've since owned several iPads, a multitude of android tablets, and a Suface Pro; but still I long for a 13" iPad Pro. It might not appeal to everyone, but it certainly does appeal to me.

    i want an intel powered OSX 13" ipad pro with active Wacom screen/stylus please... and i don't really want one with a "record busting 5mm thickness either... 7.5 - 10mm thick and A4 foot print
    get inspiration from the new dell xps 13 with its stunning 3K screen and 15 hour battery life

    I use my stylus on my Note 10.1 and my Note Edge a fair bit, I can't draw to save my life but I write notes, draw scribbles and use it for more precise things. I don't see why Apple don't just release one as a stand alone product, something they could have done years ago

      Because years ago, Steve Jobs was still around and he hated syluses/stylii?

        Yeah but he has been dead for over 3 years, at any point since they could have released a stylus.

    This is amazing!!!

    I have has a stylus for my iPad for about 3 years now...

    I can tell you I only use it in two apps, its nothing huge.

      Is it an active stylus or a passive one? Ive got a passive stylus (no feedback on pressure etc and I hardly use it), but the active stylus "pencil" by Fiftythree looks pretty nice

    can they try make something cheaper too? :P

      They did and it failed miserably. The 5c.

        technically they didnt' make things cheaper.. they just made it cheaply and wacked on a relatively lower price to other existing products, but not relative to what they are actually offering, so techincally 5C is not a cheap phone for what ur getting :P lol

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