Pioneer NEX Systems Put CarPlay And Android Auto In Your Old Hatchback

Pioneer NEX Systems Put CarPlay And Android Auto In Your Old Hatchback

Pioneer’s NEX in-dash systems are some of the most advanced out there, putting interactive multimedia and navigation powers in even the crappiest vehicles. And they’re getting even better in 2015 with support for both Android Auto and CarPlay. No matter which side of the smartphone wars you’re on, Pioneer has you covered.

You’ll recall that last year Pioneer started supporting CarPlay in several of its infotainment systems. Like CarPlay, Android Auto is a relatively seamless way to get your smartphone screen into your dash. Specifically, the integration is coming to the forthcoming AVIC-8100NEX, AVIC-7100NEX and AVH-4100NEX models, which all feature 7-inch capacitive touch screens, a built-in microphone for voice commands and voice calls.

Getting Android Auto via Pioneer aftermarket system will cost less than buying a new car, but it’s not outrageously cheap. The AVIC-8100NEX, AVIC-7100NEX , and AVH-4100NEX will cost $US1400, $US1200 and $US700 respectively when they drop in March 2015.

Of course, Pioneer isn’t alone in rolling out support for both Android Auto and CarPlay, Parrot’s new system is compatible with both platforms as well. The plus side of the Pioneer system is that it actually has a release date.

We haven’t had the opportunity to try out Pioneers integration with either Android Auto or CarPlay, but we’ll definitely be hitting the demos on display at CES this week. In the meantime, check out these existing demos of both CarPlay and Android Auto to get a sense for how the platforms have been evolved for your drive.