Patrick Stewart Is Totally Up For Playing Captain Picard Again

Patrick Stewart Is Totally Up For Playing Captain Picard Again

With Star Trek well and truly rebooted back in the Kirk days, even if we did get a new TV series, it’s unlikely it’d resemble anything like The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine or even the mixed bag of Enterprise. That doesn’t mean Jean-Luc Picard actor Patrick Stewart isn’t down for reprising his role, though it’d take more than the mere opportunity to lure him back to the captain’s chair.

In a fan back-and-forth on Entertainment Weekly’s Facebook page, Stewart said he’d “absolutely” don the four gold pips and red jumpsuit again, but only if they were attached to a “really good script”:

And fair enough about the horse.

In response to who should play Picard, if he himself wasn’t in a position to, is not James McAvoy, but Stewart’s own son, Daniel.

It’s hard to believe the first episode of TNG aired all the way back in 1987, though you only have to go back as far as 2005 for the last (rather unsatisfying) outing by Jon Archer and his crew. How would a TV audience respond to a more Roddenberry-esque Star Trek featuring some of the franchise’s more grizzled veterans?

The thought is actually very depressing.

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