Microsoft Outlook For iOS And Android Also Plays Nice With Gmail, Yahoo And Dropbox

Microsoft Outlook for iOS and Android Looks Like Acompli and That's Good

Well, that didn't take long. After Microsoft bought the hit email app Acompli (it was even one of our favourite apps of last year) last month, they turned it around pretty quickly into an official Outlook app for iOS and Android. Outlook joins Office as Microsoft continues its mobile software push beyond Windows Phone.

For the most part, Outlook is Acompli and Acompli is Outlook. In fact, Microsoft says they have written these new apps from the same code base. For those who've never heard of Acompli, the app will feel familiar whether you're dedicated to Mac Mail or Gmail with its swipe-based actions for dismissing and replying to email. Acompli's biggest claim to fame is the in-app calendar that syncs with your email, allowing users to easily switch between the two.

I haven't had the opportunity to take a deep dive on the Outlook app yet, but what Microsoft describes as the same "code base" may simply mean "we renamed it". I mean look at these two screenshots:

Microsoft Outlook for iOS and Android Looks Like Acompli and That's Good

The left is pulled from Acompli's website and the right is the new Outlook app. Pretty similar!

But even if it is a complete copy, it only means Microsoft follows the most ancient law of design -- if it ain't broke, don't fix it. The app is available today for iOS and as a preview for Android. But don't feel too bitter, my Android friends: Microsoft is pulling the "preview" status of its Office apps for Android tablet, so now you can rush to the Google Play store and get Word, Excel and PowerPoint for free.



    Aaand, still sucks for Windows Phone. No wonder they're losing market share when Microsoft don't even support their own ecosystem.

      They don't care about building it for windows phone, because they're too focused on getting windows 10 done. Once that's out, there will be outlook for windows 10.

        Meanwhile they release superior versions of every Microsoft service for the competition. Microsoft suck at maintaining. Big jumps at big version numbers, languishing rubbish inbetween. At least we're not getting totally dumped like Windows Phone 7 this time...

          If the integration between all their devices is as good as their Windows 10 conference has you believing, its a very smart move for them to get their services up and running on other ecosystems (iOS & Android) where most of the market is. Once you get the majority of people accustomed to, and happy with MS' service, the integration with other MS services, mainly with their desktop computer (most likely going to be W10) will be something most people will look into.

      Google tend to do the same, sometimes releasing feature enhancements to their apps on iOS before Android. And these days Google is also either removing features or making their apps worse with every iteration. Doesnt bother me much as I've replaced almost all Google apps with other apps as my main service or as a back up service in case Google does a crappy update.

    This is a replacement to the Android "" app right?

      Nope. It's an email client for pretty much any type of account including Exchange, Gmail... and yes, accounts.
      That being said, with this in place I wouldn't be surprised to see them start dropping support for the app.

    Oh wow, I'm loving this. The outlook app is just appalling, it's just THAT bad.

    The only thing that would make this better is a second icon that by default opened directly to the calendar tab (just a little annoying you have to tap twice to get into calendar, and when you do the next time you come back to read a email you have to tap back to mail)

    I work in mobile tech support, and I really can't wait for the inevitable confusion customers have between the existing app, and this new Outlook app.
    Microsoft, please fire the people who name your products.

    Just tried it and lost all my hotmail synced contacts. Thanks Microsoft, I appreciate it!

    Aaaaand app is no longer in the Play store.

    Far from a great app... I think the stock email app works better, in all honesty. Hell, you can't even flag emails for follow up here....

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