Our Favourite Android, iOS, And Windows Phone Apps Of The Week

Our Favourite Android, iOS, And Windows Phone Apps Of The Week

Health tracking and data tracking. These seem to be the two big themes concerning our six favourite apps of the week. But all these apps take different approaches, whether focusing on any kind of athletes, calorie counting, digitizing your paper files or just simply keeping tabs on your day-to-day goings on. Let’s take a look.


UA Record

Fresh off a newly announced partnership with HTC, Under Armour released a new fitness tracking app for Android and iOS. The UA Record is meant to be an all-encompassing dashboard of your physical fitness, including sleep, calories burned, heart rate, and more. You can also create leaderboards with friends and “thousands” of tracking devices already work with UA Record, including a new crop of devices soon from HTC. [iOS/Android]



The Electronic Frontier Foundation [EFF] is a non-profit organisation that keeps tabs on the government use of technology and keep digital rights of internet users sacred. So, they have their work cut out for them. But you can now keep track of all their great work and writing (sometimes shared on Gizmodo) with this new Android app. If you’re working with an iPhone, you may be out of luck. EFF strongly disagrees with Apple’s developer agreement and is actively fighting against it. So for now, EFF’s app is an Android exclusive. [Free]



Bad at keeping track of what’s actually going into your body? Let CARROT Hunger shame you into keeping track of your calories. CARROT’s food database makes logging what you’re eating fast and easy, which is key for sticking with any calorie tracking program. It will also blare alarms and shame you if you are over your limit. You can even attach on iBeacon to your fridge and the app will known when you’re close to that frosty ice chest of sin. Thick skin may be required. [Free]

Evernote Scannable

Smartphones are declaring an all-out war against printers and our paper-based existence. In 2014, Microsoft released the wonderful Office Lens for Windows Phone, which digitizes all your physical papers and business cards. Evernote’s Scannable follows the same principle and brings in to your iPhone. What’s great is whatever information you digitize can also be synced with other web-based information like LinkedIn. [Free]

Windows Phone

Perfect Note

The next two apps actually come from the same developer, Perfect Thumb. The developer’s M.O. is to take services that we all use on our smartphones and create streamlined, simple versions that are better than the Windows Phone stock options. Perfect Note attempts to make note-taking less of a headache. With easy touch-based navigation, task creation, and simple ways to mark as complete, Perfect Note may not be the most feature-rich note-taking app you’ll ever use, but it’s clutter-free design will undoubtedly find some fans. [$US2]

Perfect Recorder

As far as recorders are concerned, Perfect Recorder is as simple as it gets. One button gets things going, and then two pop-up in response — pause and stop. You can play back all files within the app or upload to OneDrive. You can also control the recorder from the lock screen and basic gestures also let you start and stop recordings. Best differences between this app and Note is you can try Recorder for free. [Free]