NVIDIA GTX 960: Maxwell Power For A Reasonable Price

Nvidia GTX 960: Maxwell Power For a Reasonable Price

NVIDIA's new(ish) Maxwell architecture has come out in a few new cards already, from the budget 750Ti to the beefy GTX 980. The GTX 960 holds down the middle ground with solid but not mind-blowing power for $US200.

NVIDIA is pushing this a card for MOBA players, partially because those games somewhat lower requirements of those games give the 960 room to shine and partially because when the 960 is running on lower power (as it might, during a MOBA sesh) it's completely silent.

If you've already a card that's moderately recent, the 960 probably isn't an upgrade you need to consider. But if you computer is ageing something fierce and you want to extend its life a little longer without dropping a serious dime, the 960 seems like a good budget bet that's just below true enthusiast grade. It's available starting today.

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