Mr Potato Head Finally Fulfils His Jedi Destiny As Luke Frywalker

Mr. Potato Head Finally Fulfils His Jedi Destiny as Luke Frywalker

Not everyone can pull off the blonde look, but it suits Mr Potato Head just fine. The fashion-forward spud, renowned for his near-infinite wardrobe and instantaneous facelifts, has finally accepted his destiny as one of the good guys, donning Luke Skywalker's — or Frywalker's — mop of blonde hair, stylish black glove and green-bladed lightsaber.

Available in late 2015 from Hasbro for $US13, this Jedi version of Mr Potato Head comes with 11 mix-and-matchable accessories, and is of course compatible with all of the tater-head outfits and swappable facial features of its predecessors. You're finally ready for Starch Wars: The Empire Strikes Hash. [Hasbro]

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