Motorola Scout: Finally, A Fitness Gadget For Your Dog

Motorola Scout: Finally, A Fitness Gadget For Your Dog

You’ve been tracking your steps with Jawbones, Fitbits, iPhones and Androids for years now, and now thanks to Motorola, your four-legged friend can get in on the tracking action as well.

It’s called the Scout. Developed by Binatone and distributed by Motorola, it’s a pet wearable built into a dog collar.

The Scout does all the things you expect from a fitness gadget for us bi-peds. Statistics tracking allows you to see how many steps your pet has taken and where it has been thanks to GPS. That GPS connectivity also doubles as a tracker, just in case man’s best friend wanders off.

You can also see what your animal sees via the Scout 5000, thanks to a camera on the gadget that beams 720p video back to your device. It connects via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth and it’s splash-proof as well as “chew-proof” so your pet can’t destroy it by accident.

That larger model goes for $199 when it comes out later in the year, but it’s really only appropriate for bigger dogs. Think labradors, border collies and golden retrievers.

For your smaller pets, there’s a miniature model that goes for just $99. It doesn’t feature the camera that the Scout 5000 does, but it still tracks your pets statistics and movements.