Motorola Scout: Finally, A Fitness Gadget For Your Dog

You've been tracking your steps with Jawbones, Fitbits, iPhones and Androids for years now, and now thanks to Motorola, your four-legged friend can get in on the tracking action as well.

It's called the Scout. Developed by Binatone and distributed by Motorola, it's a pet wearable built into a dog collar.

The Scout does all the things you expect from a fitness gadget for us bi-peds. Statistics tracking allows you to see how many steps your pet has taken and where it has been thanks to GPS. That GPS connectivity also doubles as a tracker, just in case man's best friend wanders off.

You can also see what your animal sees via the Scout 5000, thanks to a camera on the gadget that beams 720p video back to your device. It connects via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth and it's splash-proof as well as "chew-proof" so your pet can't destroy it by accident.

That larger model goes for $199 when it comes out later in the year, but it's really only appropriate for bigger dogs. Think labradors, border collies and golden retrievers.

For your smaller pets, there's a miniature model that goes for just $99. It doesn't feature the camera that the Scout 5000 does, but it still tracks your pets statistics and movements.



    To be honest, I do actually worry about my dog getting enough exercise more than I do about myself. They're both my fault, so at least I don't have anyone to blame for the shape I'm in.

    Because dogs eat their own vomit and sniff other dogs bums, it's only available for Android users.
    Alas.....WuF will hit the streets first, and with a lot more dog-interactive power / features than the Scout. More color choices than Moto-Techno-Black so that dogs can support their owners distinctive pride, and about $50 less in cost. WuF will remain the standard greeting for all dogs, so the device easily bonds w/your animal. Besides....its 2015....who names their dog Scout anymore.....?

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