Victoria Police Apprehend Man Riding 49cc Esky Without A License

We all have different ways of getting around. Bicycles, cars, trucks and eskies. So when... wait a minute, did you say "eskies"? Yes, motorised chilly bins are more popular than you might think. Earlier this month, an Adelaide man was caught on a powered cooler and last night, a guy from Rosebud West in Victoria caught the eye of police on his blue-and-white pride and joy.

While the displacement of South Australia's effort wasn't revealed, Victoria Police were happy to report that the 29-year-old apprehended on Point Nepean Road yesterday was cruising around on a 49cc esky.

Unsurprisingly, the makeshift vehicle was impounded and the rider fined $1476 for his troubles. On top of this he was given not one, but two infringements notices as he lacked a license to "drive an esky or any other vehicle".

Is there such a thing as an esky driver's license? I must get one of those.

[Victoria Police]

Photo: Victoria Police

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