LG’s New Washing Machine Is Two Washers In One

LG’s New Washing Machine Is Two Washers In One

Ever wanted to wash your whites and colours at the same time, but don’t want to mix your loads? LG’s new washing machine has you covered, with two separate washing machines in the one unit.

The new unit features LG’s new Twin Wash technology, which sees the machine pack in a second washing drawer built into the pedestal.

The washer drawer is a mini-washer, which means it won’t take two full loads, but it’s designed for delicate items that require “special attention,” LG says.

The washer drawer will feature on the two new WD100C and WD200C models.

I know it’s a washing machine, which usually isn’t that exciting, but this is the first “smart home” product announcement that would actually save an idiot like me time at home when I was stuff.

Whether it’s worth the hefty price tag I assume it will carry when it comes out later on this year remains to be seen.