Jaguar Cars Will Tap You On The Shoulder To Alert You To Nearby Cyclists

Cyclists and drivers ought to co-exist on the roads, but sometimes it's problematic, given that one can't always see the other coming. Jaguar is looking to use its considerable smarts to save the lives of cyclists on the road with a new system called Bike Sense that will "tap" drivers on the shoulder when there's a cyclist manoeuvring around the vehicle.

Here's how it works: if your fancy Jaguar's sensors spots a cyclist behind you, it tracks that object as it moves towards you. When it's in your blind spot the car seat vibrates at your shoulder and makes a noise like a bike bell to alert you.

On top of that, the Jag will prevent you from accelerating into cyclists you can't see at crossings by vibrating the accelerator when its front sensors detect a bike.

And finally, the Jaguar will flash a light on the door frame and vibrate the handle if it senses you're about to open your door on a cyclist.

No word on when this technology will make it to cars, but hopefully it's soon.

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