It’s A Treat To Watch This Legendary Bike Builder At Work

Kinfolk bikes are known for their breathtaking classic looks. The trouble with them is that they’re made so very far away, in Japan. Thanks to a couple guys with cameras, you can make the trip to Kinfolk’s incredible workshop right from your computer, and see what it takes to hand-make some of the best bikes money can buy.

Framebuilder Osamu Fukuda has been building bikes for 35 years. He comes from a family of bike builders and is the third generation to practice the craft for a living — his grandfather was building bicycles before World War II. In the video, Fukuda gets into the process of welding: He explains that he chooses lugless welds — for example, when the frame’s pieces are welded together, then polished down to remove any excess material, for both style and comfort.

Like our favourite local builder, Horse Cycles, Kinfolk is famous for its beautiful made-to-order bikes. It’s a treat to see what it’s like inside the shop of an artisan such as Fukuda, and to observe the differences in style across the world. [Hypebeast]