I Totally Want This Camera Bag That Looks Like A Normal Bag

I Totally Want This Camera Bag That Looks Like A Normal Bag

Camera bags are not only almost always ugly, but they also shout to the world that you are carrying expensive objects around. The Brevitē is a backpack that looks gloriously normal yet has all the necessary compartments to stow your camera gear.

I’m so tired of bulky, oddly-shaped backpacks for cameras. I want something unassuming, comfortable, and just nice looking. While the Brevitē is currently only in Kickstarter campaign mode, it sure looks like it will deliver on those fronts. Not sure about that green lining though.

There are plenty of bag companies shooting for pure fashion, most notably is the popular ONA line of bags. But I don’t want to trade the ugliness of a typical camera bag for the tackiness and opulence of hip satchels made of fine leather and waxed canvas. I just want something low-key!

This bag will hold a DSLR and a couple of lenses and accessories. It has a sleeve for storing up to a 15-inch laptop, and has both side and front access. Of course, the Brevitē probably isn’t the workhorse a good Tamrac or Thinktank bag is. But it doesn’t have to be! Sometimes you just want a minimal container to stuff your camera into for more casual situations than a 30-day shoot in Antarctica. That’s what the Brevitē is for. And when you just need a daypack for your non-photographic activities, pop the storage insert out and you are good to go.

If you can get past the annoyingly emo Kickstarter video, the dumb accented name, and that green lining, the Brevitē just has a way of making you smile. It’s going to cost $US180, which is kind of expensive for what it is, but not outrageous. If you donate to their Kickstarter, it is only $US155. Definitely more reasonable. Here’s to hoping they bring this one to fruition! [PopPhoto]