I Had No Idea The LEGO Movie Was So Hard To Make

If you’ve watched The LEGO Movie, you were probably too busy laughing/reminiscing to actually think about the work that went into production. That’s a shame, because as this behind-the-scenes clip shows, it takes a lot of effort to make little plastic men talk.

The film is made partly with stop-motion animation, using real bricks, and partly with CGI. But as the video shows, even the CGI stays true to the underlying principle — everything, even the water, the showers, or the explosions — is made out of LEGO. From the looks of things, animators had access to the entire LEGO brick library, which they used to build up individual objects and scenes.

It’s also fun to see the level of enthusiasm running through the entire production team, from animators to directors. If you didn’t know better, you’d guess this movie was a childhood-inspired labour of love. [YouTube via The Awesomer]