Here’s What You’ll Need For Your Very First Timelapse

Here’s What You’ll Need For Your Very First Timelapse

Perhaps you were lucky enough to bag a shiny new DSLR for Christmas last year (and a nice lens or two) and after taking a few snaps of random objects, you’re ready to take on something a little more challenging. A timelapse is a good place to start on the journey to more sophisticated photography and if you’re wondering what you’ll need, this video should help.

Armed with a Canon 6D, Tamron 24-70mm lens and a tripod, Cal Thomson decided to have a go at making a timelapse of the England sky and despite it being his first attempt, the results are very good.

Buoyed by positive comments, he put together the above video explaining his technique, along with some tips on how to get more detail from your photos by using imaging tools, in this case Adobe Lightroom 5. For example, by tweaking the white point you can make stars more visible, without ruining the scene.

Timelapses certainly aren’t the most difficult thing to make, but it’s nice to have a general idea of the gear you need and things to watch out for. If you decide you want to capture the night sky (and hopefully, some stars), you’ll likely need to do what Thomson did and get away from the light pollution of the city, or your results might be a tad disappointing.

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