Free Games Friday: Puzzle Pets, Ghost Blitz, Warhammer 40k Space Wolf

Free Games Friday: Puzzle Pets, Ghost Blitz, Warhammer 40k Space Wolf

The weekend’s almost here, so you have time to relax and check out a free game (or three) on your smartphone. Here are the highlights from the last week.

This is a hand-picked list of free apps we’ve noticed this week while assembling our regular App Deals roundup of new and discounted apps. We haven’t reviewed them and we don’t endorse them. As with the main App Deals column, apps can stop being free at a moment’s notice if they’re discounted, so grab them quickly if you’re interested.


Ghost Blitz From the publisher’s description: “The player with nimblest fingers and with in a flash mind will win the game! Players accumulate points by being the first to grab the correct item. At the end of the game, the player with the most points wins!”

Crazy Formula From the publisher’s description: “Ever thought of becoming a famous scientist? We have got the perfect formula for you to start with! This truly addicting puzzle/board game will train your scientist mind, and leave you intrigued.”

Elevation Mars From the publisher’s description: “Let your imagination run free with our mysterious red neighboring planet. A quick and fun way to learn about Martian terrain from its deepest canyon to the highest planetary peak in the solar system. Familiarize yourself with the Martian globe to the extent that you can point out features to others unaided.”

Roboto From the publisher’s description: “Get your hoverboard ready! Roboto is an action packed adventure with tons of exciting levels, epic boss battles, and powerful upgrades!”


Warhammer 40,000: Space Wolf From the publisher’s description: “Lead the Sons of Russ into battle and slash your way through hordes of ferocious enemies with Boltgun fire and Chainsword teeth. Write your own saga in the annals of the Space Wolves Chapter as you hunt your sworn enemies – the Chaos Space Marines.”

Galaxia Chronicles From the publisher’s description: “Galaxia Chronicles is a fun platformer game with some RPG flavor added to it. With colorful graphics, cinematic animations and an engaging storyline, you must help Noddy find out about his past and future.”

Tail Drift From the publisher’s description: “Jump into the pilot seat and take to the skies in this free to play 360 degree arcade racer. Zoom through fantastic environments including floating islands, ancient temples and desert canyons.”

99 Bricks Wizard Academy From the publisher’s description: “Explore a magical world and learn powerful spells to improve your building skills. Do you have what it takes to become the wizard of legends?”

[Mystery]Disconnect From the publisher’s description: “In AD 2091, the United Nations Organization is founded instead of United Nations, and the era of integrated government is opened. Technology has been developed amazingly, but the gap between rich and poor is still widening.”

Don’t Shoot Yourself! From the publisher’s description: “Propel yourself with bullets! Fly your arcade ship through mind-bending puzzles that reflect your bulletstorm back. Just remember… Don’t Shoot Yourself!”

Windows Phone

Puzzle Pets From the publisher’s description: “Plunge into the most vibrant match-3 puzzle adventure you’ve ever seen. These pets have lots of personality and loads of special abilities for unpredictable and adorable fun!”

Star Wars: Commander From the publisher’s description: “Charge into battle on distant planets, and lead your troops to victory in this action-packed, combat strategy game! Build a base, recruit an unstoppable force, and challenge players across the Star Wars universe in Star Wars: Commander!”

Flight Simulator 3D From the publisher’s description: “One of the most breathtaking virtual flight simulators is available now on your device. Choose an aircraft of your dreams, fly across the world and complete all the missions.”

Jetpack Prisoner Escape From the publisher’s description: “Jetpack Prisoner Escape is a fun platformer where you have to help a prisoner escape all the obstacles and reach his destination. Armed with a jetpack, gadgets and utilities, you must avoid being caught by the police, killed by lasers or propelled into a wall.”

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