Ford GT Is Back As An EcoBoost-Powered Turbo V6 Supercar

The Ford GT is a special car. A special car from a special era of motoring. Now in 2015, Ford is hoping to rekindle the magic with the new Ford GT, which manages to push Ford's EcoBoost technology to the limit.

Images: Scott Olson/Getty

Unveiled at the Detroit Motor Show overnight, the weaponised GT is astonishing. It doesn't have the V8 engine we're used to, rather a twin-turbo EcoBoost engine capable of producing a reported 600 BHP on the trot.

It's a remarkable piece of design too, taking elements from other beautiful supercars, a helping of carbon fibre and two amazing-looking air channels in the sides of the car to channel air over the wheels and generate downforce.

Ford says it's going into production next year, and I want to drive it so badly.

Just clap your eyes on the thing. It's gorgeous.


To find out why the Ford GT brand is so special, check out this great retrospective from Top Gear.

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