Flappy Bird Is Probably The Perfect Smartwatch Game

Smartwatches are good for certain things. Music. Notifications. Fitness monitoring. Social alienation (kidding!). But one activity they have consistently sucked at, ever since calculator watches first spelt naughty letters, is playing games. A proper version of Flappy Bird for Android Wear could change all of that.

To be clear: there have been games on Android Wear before. There have even been unofficial Flappy Bird clones on the Googlewatch before. But this is the actual living, breathing, jumping game, slightly modified from the normal Android version by developer Corbin Davenport. Although you can’t install the game from the regular Play Store, getting it running on your watch is still a cinch.

You just have to download the modified APK, then hook your watch up to a computer and run a couple basic commands to sideload the app.

Aside from a few issues with the score being cut off (and the top pipes a little harder to see), the game is totally functional. I could even see myself playing it, if I was stuck in a waiting room with no other forms of technology bar an abacus to play with. [Phandroid]