First Galaxy S6 Leak Shows Off Metal Frame

First Galaxy S6 Leak Shows Off Metal Frame

But not all that much else. As always, take rumours will the requisite grain of salt.

One of the more contentious aspects of Samsung’s premium phone line has been Samsung’s firm commitment to plastic backs. For the fans, they’re easy to remove to access batteries, microSIMs and storage, while for the detractors, the look and feel of plastic detracts from the “premium” status of the Galaxy S range.

If you’re in the latter camp, you might just be happier with the Galaxy S6. French site Nowhere Else has published pictures of what it’s claiming will be the back panel of the S6, showing off a metal frame with cutouts at the top and bottom of the case.

There’s not much else to go on, however. Naturally as with any rumour it’s hard to substantiate this one, although with Samsung’s general trend towards revealing Galaxy S models around the time of mobile world congress, an early January leak isn’t entirely out of the question.

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