eBay Australia Is Now Removing Auctions For Qantas Club Guest Passes

It's no secret that there's quite the market for Qantas Club guest passes on eBay and if you're looking to pop into a lounge without the requisite credentials, a quick browse through the site's auctions will undoubtedly turn up a pass or ten to satisfy your waiting-in-luxury needs. Well, that was the case up until now, with eBay Australia recently going on a Qantas pass purge.

Apparently eBay has always had a policy against the listing of passes, but according to a story from Australian Business Traveller, it's only recently that the company has gotten serious about actively searching for and removing auctions:

"These passes are prohibited under our Travel Policy" says eBay Australia Communications Manager Megan English. "Our filters capture a lot of these kinds of listings and they are removed."

The article goes on to mention that you're still free to give passes to "family and friends", you just can't make a profit by on-selling them.

As the article points out, eBay is hardly the be-all and end-all of sites where people can sell things to others, with the likes of Gumtree continuing to offer passes for those with the need for them — despite Gumtree itself being owned by eBay.

[Australian Business Traveller]

Image: / Flickr, licensed under Creative Commons 2.0

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