Chevrolet Bolt: This All-Electric Hatchback Is Pretty Cute

Chevrolet (and by extension, Holden) dipped their proverbial toes into the electric car pool a while back with the hybrid Volt: an electric car with a petrol-powered range extender. Now it's diving in head-first with an all-electric hatchback partly designed in Australia. Meet the Bolt.

Unveiled in Detroit overnight, the Bolt is a hatchback not dissimilar from the Barina Spark shape, only made from super-lightweight materials including magnesium, carbon fibre and mesh.

It has an estimated range of 320km on a single charge, and features a swathe of tech including the ability to use your smartphone as a key to unlock and start the car and the autonomous capabilities that allows the car to drop you off and find a park itself. Once you're ready to be picked up, it returns to you from the carpark automatically.

It's only a concept at the moment, but Holden's parent expects to have something similar in the market soon for roughly $US30,000.

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