CASA Reinforces Drone Rules After Amateur Nearly Hits Police Officer

I personally haven't seen any amateur drone operators doing their thing over the holidays, but given the affordability and availability of quadcopters, it's likely many, many people received one for Christmas and have wasted little time terrorising the rest of us. Or in the case of one Melbourne man, stacking his drone in the middle of a police operation and narrowly avoiding a police officer. Some angry cops and a $850 fine later and CASA is once again trying to get the word out.

The rules of operating drones are readily accessible on the CASA websitewe even covered the main points last year, but if you're looking for something in a more pamphlet-like form — say to hand to your drone-happy neighbour or recent owner of sky-capable machinery — CASA has put out this short (and bright yellow) flyer for your convenience. It was delivered via tweet yesterday:

If you can't be bothered checking out the PDF, here's the info in PNG form:

[CASA, via Business Insider]

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