BioLite’s New Lanterns Are A Tiny Powergrid For Your Campsite 

BioLite’s New Lanterns Are A Tiny Powergrid For Your Campsite 

The ingenious twig-burning folks at BioLite have done it again. Their latest, the NanoGrid, is a combo battery pack and lighting system for the outdoors. Now you can charge your gadgets and light up your campsite with the power of a single wood stove.

NanoGrid includes two separate components: the rectangular PowerLight — a three-in-one rechargeable battery, lantern, and flashlight — and the two round SiteLights. You can daisy chain the PowerLight and up to four SiteLights together for a mini-string of Christmas lights around your campsite.

On its own, the PowerLight can also be used as a flashlight with a focused beam of 250 lumens. Its lantern mode puts out 200 lumens, and the SiteLights put out 150 lumens each.

Naturally, the NanoGrid charges up by plugging into BioLite’s BaseCamp, CampStove, KettleCharge, or any other USB power source. You can then charge any of your other gadgets off of the NanoGrid’s battery pack. Think of it as a miniature electric grid for your campsite, with lightbulbs conveniently already wired in.

True to BioLite’s social mission, the NanoGrid is being rolled out this February to both campers and communities in developing countries. Here’s to keeping the lights on wherever you are.

Images by BioLite