Apple Made A Stupid Amount Of Money Last Quarter After Selling Over 74 Million iPhones

Holy crap. Apple has been flush with cash for some time, but Cupertino is now shovelling it into its coffers at a record rate, making a bonkers $US18 billion last quarter.

For the quarter ending 27 December, 2014, Apple made $US74.6 billion in revenue against an expected $67.5 billion from Wall Street analysts. Profit on those earnings is $US18 billion.

Apple flogged 21.4 million iPads, slightly down on expectations, while ever-so-slightly beating expectations with 5.52 million Macs sold.

Bigger iPhones are now paying bigger dividends too, with the iPhone business selling 74.4 million units in Q1 2015, smashing the 65 million expected.

It's also being reported that the $US18 billion number is the highest quarterly profit ever recorded by a company. Insane.

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