A Telstra Drone Filmed The Inside Of Sydney’s New Year’s Fireworks

A Telstra Drone Filmed The Inside Of Sydney’s New Year’s Fireworks

Video: This is what it looked like.

Sydney fireworks image via Shutterstock

Telstra specced out a custom-built drone with six high definition cameras to capture the fireworks in a full 360-degree arc, then flew it into the middle of the action.

Operating out of a little pop-up workstation on Dawes Point, the Telstra team sent a drone up into the middle of the fireworks exploding off Bennelong Point, above the Opera House. That particular spot gives you a good look at the Sydney Harbour Bridge, in all its resplendent New Year’s glory, as well as a closer look at the big fireworks — all during the most explosive part of the night bang on midnight. Here it is:

To be honest, it’s a little anti-climactic, as cool as it looks. A lot of that comes from the fact that the sound isn’t amazing, but it’s not like you can easily fit a drone out with a microphone capable of capturing hundreds of close-up explosions. Another reason is that the video on YouTube is only one portion of a video stream that extends entirely around the circumference of the drone’s field of vision.

Nevertheless, it’s amazing work from Telstra, and you can see it in its full 360-degree glory using the official New Year’s Eve app for Android and iOS from Telstra. We had a quick chat to the guy piloting the drone, too — for someone working on New Year’s Eve, he probably had just about the best job on the night. [Telstra]