A Telstra Drone Filmed The Inside Of Sydney's New Year's Fireworks

Video: This is what it looked like.

Sydney fireworks image via Shutterstock

Telstra specced out a custom-built drone with six high definition cameras to capture the fireworks in a full 360-degree arc, then flew it into the middle of the action.

Operating out of a little pop-up workstation on Dawes Point, the Telstra team sent a drone up into the middle of the fireworks exploding off Bennelong Point, above the Opera House. That particular spot gives you a good look at the Sydney Harbour Bridge, in all its resplendent New Year's glory, as well as a closer look at the big fireworks — all during the most explosive part of the night bang on midnight. Here it is:

To be honest, it's a little anti-climactic, as cool as it looks. A lot of that comes from the fact that the sound isn't amazing, but it's not like you can easily fit a drone out with a microphone capable of capturing hundreds of close-up explosions. Another reason is that the video on YouTube is only one portion of a video stream that extends entirely around the circumference of the drone's field of vision.

Nevertheless, it's amazing work from Telstra, and you can see it in its full 360-degree glory using the official New Year's Eve app for Android and iOS from Telstra. We had a quick chat to the guy piloting the drone, too — for someone working on New Year's Eve, he probably had just about the best job on the night. [Telstra]



    And then London tried to claim that they were the innovators, lol.

    NB, there have been others using multicopters for videoing fireworks, it appears though that this was the first officially sanctioned event. (comment if others previously)

    i reckon telstra might want to think about hiring a decent drone pilot next year and come out with a top notch proffesional video. and also have one flying around the bridge as well.

    Why are Telstra spending money on this??

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