A Clever Redesign Of Delivery Boxes Would Make Them Way Easier To Open

A Clever Redesign of Delivery Boxes Would Make Them Way Easier To Open

The next time you're trying to hack open a shipping box and get tape stuck all over your car keys, you'll wish that FedEx and UPS would adopt designer ChenChen Hu's clever Corner Pack. It's a re-imagined version of the standard delivery box that skips the packing tape for clever folds and a dented corner with an easily accessible tab that opens the whole thing up.

A Clever Redesign of Delivery Boxes Would Make Them Way Easier To Open

Making a box that's easier to open usually has the unwanted side effect of increasing the chances of the package accidentally popping open during transport. But because the access tab sits in a recessed corner of the box, there's less chance of it being brushed or snagged while stacked amongst other packages in the back of a delivery truck. And because the box doesn't need be entombed in packing tape to keep it sealed, the cardboard is much easier to break down and recycle afterwards. [Behance - Chenchen Hu via Taxi]

A Clever Redesign of Delivery Boxes Would Make Them Way Easier To Open


    OK, i never found a box hard to open, just get a knife and slice the tape.

    Then open.

    The tape also makes a clear security device that the box has not been opened

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    So you've made a box that cannot fit a rectangular object it it. You know that shape that most things are packed to fit.
    It is less stackable because with the missing corner it's easier to tip another one that's on top off.
    For security that flap will be taped down anyway.
    I don't see this working in anyway at all.

      yeah, it definitely creates more problems than it solves. and im not even sure there was a problem to begin with.

    If I had a dollar for every time I found myself thinking "damn this box is hard to open", I'd have enough money to buy a cheeseburger.

    Probably a lot more expensive to manufacture too. When you are manufacturing and cutting rectangle boxes, it's very cheap. As soon as you add angles.. the price goes up substantially.

    I agree with the comments that this is not a problem that needs solving. Now those damned plastic packs that are glued or heat sealed together, that need a pair of scissors/a knife to open, but contain something you want to use RIGHT NOW... that is a problem worth solving!

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