A Bad Bing Update Took Out Yahoo Search Yesterday

A Bad Bing Update Took Out Yahoo Search Yesterday

News from the land of unloved search engines: yesterday, both Bing and Yahoo had an outage (don't worry, I didn't notice either), caused by a coding booboo from Microsoft.

According to a Reuters report, Microsoft pushed out a Bing update on Friday afternoon without bug-testing it properly first. Because Bing's search mojo actually powers Yahoo search, the update took out both engines for a while, causing irate users to blow up MySpace and Bebo with complaints.

It's refreshing that despite the current hack-heavy online environment, plain old stuff-ups can still take things offline. But hey! At least I hear there are some solid other options for searching out there. [Reuters]


    +1 haha - although I do use the Bing Qantas search bar from time to time to rack up some qff points ;)

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