The New Holden Volt First Look: Less Concept, More Sedan

The New Chevy Volt First Look: Less Concept, More Sedan

Instead of waiting for the North American International Auto Show in Detroit next week to finally unveil what the new Chevy Volt looks like, General Motors (read: Holden's parent) pulled back the curtain on its new electric hybrid at CES overnight. No details, no other specifics, just our first full look at the vehicle.

The original Volt (pictured above and reviewed here) was the first hybrid that was an electric car first and foremost. The petrol-powered engine the Volt carried as a backup was only intended to be used to generate electricity to charge the car's batteries once they died. The Volt was an important vehicle for Holden that the company had spent years developing and teasing, and while the final production version didn't look quite like the original Volt concept that originally got us all excited, it still looked far more futuristic than your average family sedan.

The New Chevy Volt First Look: Less Concept, More Sedan

But now that the original Volt's technology has been in use for a few years, it's not quite as novel or futuristic as it originally seemed. So for the next-generation Volt it looks like Chevrolet has created an electric hybrid that will appeal more to the average consumer, not the bleeding edge early adopter -- at least in looks. The company didn't reveal any additional details about the new Volt at CES, so we'll have to wait until the NAIAS next week to learn about everything under the hood. [General Motors]

The New Chevy Volt First Look: Less Concept, More Sedan


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