Your Childhood Favourite The Little Prince Gets New Life In CGI

The hopes and dreams of your childhood are getting reignited when The Little Prince comes to theatres next year. Here’s the first trailer, which is in French, but still somehow as universal as ever.

It’s totally natural to feel your nostalgia bone aching a bit; even though it’s CGI, the same artistic style from the classic Antoine de Saint-Exupéry book has been partially recreated in the trailer. The movie will be in 3D, but it doesn’t look like in your face, over-the-top 3D. It has hints of stop motion animation, and it looks a little bit like the storybook it’s bringing back to life. Every once in a while, a remake or adaptation comes along that doesn’t stomp on the memories of your youth. The Little Prince looks like it might fit that bill. [Digg]