Xbox Live And PSN Are Still Messed Up After DDOS

Xbox Live And PSN Are Still Messed Up After DDOS

PlayStation Network and Xbox Live are still repeatedly going offline and experiencing problems, so if you’re itching to try out a new Christmas gift game, you may have to wait.

Update: Looks like Xbox Live is back but PSN is still down.

An inane hacking group called “Lizard Squad” is taking responsibility for the service problems and insisting that people RT their tweets before they will fix them. There’s no confirmation that this group is definitely responsible, but they have been teasing plans to screw up these networks for weeks. Lizard Squad is already infamous in the gaming world for its history of random attacks. This past August, it gained notoriety attacking Runescape and League of Legends, so this latest attack would be a continuation of its dipshit activities.

There are a number of different Twitter accounts claiming to be this hacker group, and it looks like at least one of them made a deal with Kim DotCom to end the hack:

Yet despite the 3000 MegaPrivacy vouchers Kim Dotcom tried to use as an olive branch, people are still having a hard time using Xbox Live and PSN, so perhaps the hackers were not satisfied with their bounty, but the Lizard Squad Twitter account claims it’s no longer DDOSing Sony or Microsoft, and has moved onto Tor. It’s whatever the opposite of a Christmas miracle is.