Welcome To Gizmodo Australia's Home Of The Future

When you try to imagine what it will be like to live in the future, you might imagine flying cars, robotic butlers, or floating beds. Will we grow our own food? Will TVs still exist? How will we turn the lights on? Seriously, what will our future homes look and feel like? Wonder no longer, reader: we're going to show you as part of our month-long Home Of The Future series.

In this Gizmodo event series, we're firing up our domestic DeLorean to bring you the latest in smart home gadgets and gear to bring you a real-life vision of the urban home of tomorrow.

The Home Of The Future series is about more than just bringing you a round-up of cool products: it's a cavalry of ideas that stand to change the way we live.

From beer to bikes; smart locks to sex toys; backyard sheds to bedrooms: the Home Of The Future is closer than you think with Gizmodo Australia.

Stay tuned—you don't want to miss it.

This month, Gizmodo Australia will be hopping in our domestic DeLorean to bring you what the future will have in store for the way we live. The Home Of The Future series focuses on smart tech for your home life and beyond. We've got a great month planned full of news, reviews and features. Welcome to the future.

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