Watch A Tesla Model S Humiliate A Ferrari In A Street Race

The Tesla Model S is quite the machine. The P85D, doubly so. It's so much machine, in fact, that it was able to embarrass on Ferrari owner who thought he could outdrag the future.

While out one day testing how fast his Tesla got off the line and grabbing footage with GoPro action cameras, Allen Wong was approached by a guy in what looks like a Ferrari 575. The Ferrari driver asked him how many horsepower it had under the hood ("691 horsepower," he replied), and then egged him on for a race.

Cue the Tesla coming from behind to absolutely smash the Ferrari. That's embarrassing for the owner of the Ferrari, that's for sure.

My favourite part about the video? The quiet, spaceship-like whirring sound the Model S makes when it gets up to speed. Makes it sound like it's about to make the jump to lightspeed. Swoon.

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