Uber Is Encouraging More Drivers To Come Into The Sydney CBD Despite A Massive Armed Siege

When it gets busy, Uber does this thing called surge pricing. Basically it's a way to make sure that only the people who really want the service can get it until more drivers become available. Uber encourages more drivers to jump on during surge times so they can meet demand and be rewarded for doing so with surge price bumps.

But on the day that Sydney's CBD is locked down tight with Police urging workers not to even go near their windows if they work in the Sydney CBD, Uber is working on bringing more drivers into the CBD on already clogged roads.

NSW Police have issued a warning to everyone in the Sydney CBD to stay indoors if they can, following hostages being taken at a cafe in the middle of the city.

Popular landmarks like the NSW State Library, Sydney Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge have been locked down and/or evacuated, and people are being asked to keep the streets clear for emergency vehicles. There's also an exclusion zone in place.

So what does Uber do to help out? Bring more people into the CBD.

Here's the tweet:

We'll leave it up to you to decide whether or not that's a good idea.

Contrast the moves of Uber Sydney with the messaging coming from NSW Transport Management:

On top of that, Uber is charging people a minimum of $65 to use its Uber Black/Lux services during the peak times, and UberX services are currently unavailable. [Uber]



    More drivers to come in to move people out of the city....Im in the CBD at the moment and there is not a lot of traffic where I am. From my office I can see lots of people walking about but not a lot of cars, no taxis, no buses etc. It is probably a good idea to get more Ubers online and in here if they are shipping people out of the CBD.

    They've gone to THAT extent in Sydney right now? Hilarious!

    Watch people grasp at straws to defend Uber and somehow rationalise something so transparent.

      except that Uber are already giving free rides to get people out of the CBD and still paying their drivers the penalty rates. For once news.com.au are ahead of Gizmodo http://www.news.com.au/technology/online/uber-prices-surge-up-to-4x-normal-fare-in-martin-place-during-sydney-siege/story-fnjwnhzf-1227156761907

      Sorry if posting an update is grasping haha

    I don't understand why people in Sydney hate normal taxis? Seemed fine last time I was there.

      Well if they're this terrified by the current situation I don't thing anything would surprise me.

      More expensive, rude drivers, cars smell, drivers talk on the phones in foreign language, dont know where they are going. For that privilege you then get to pay cabcharge a surcharge to use your card.

    Well done Uber, way to exploit a situation for profit.

      Its an algorithm that automatically increases fare prices when the demand is higher than the supply.

        By a whole hundred dollars? No. Not buying it.

          Either way they backed down and gave free rides so came good in the end.

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