Tickets To PAX Australia 2015 Are On Sale Right Now

Are you bummed out that you missed all the awesomeness from PAX Australia this year? Now's your chance to make sure you don't miss out all over again in 2015: tickets are on sale now.

Tickets are being managed via a virtual queue system due to the high demand, but this is the link you'll need to follow if you want to nab your passes.

Early-bird day passes start at $55, while early-bird three-day passes start at $150.

PAX Australia 2015 kicks off from 30 October, 2015. [PAX Australia via Kotaku]

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    3 day pass done, the excitement is already eating at me.

    *sigh*.... The weekend before Melbourne cup AGAIN...

    I was just complaining this morning how some big name performers (taylor *cough* swift) are selling tickets over 1 year in advance, and then BAM, PAX does it too...

    I wish it was on a different weekend. People like to go away for long weekends. And having it on a Friday is even more annoying... have to take a day off work....

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