Thom Yorke: ‘You Wouldn’t Like Me When I’m Angry’

Thom Yorke: ‘You Wouldn’t Like Me When I’m Angry’

The last week of the year is an annoying dry spell for new music. All the “Best of” lists have been polished off and published at most major music publications but the new year has yet to roll around to make new albums official entrants in 2015. That’s why Thom Yorke’s new single, “You Wouldn’t Like Me When I’m Angry,” is such a nice breath of fresh air.

Yorke shared the new track the day after Christmas, officially shaking off the horrendous (my personal opinion) Christmas music we’ve been subjected to for the past month. The song is part of Yorke’s Tomorrow’s Modern Boxes, which the Radiohead frontman opted to release via BitTorrent Bundles as the primary means of distributing the album. The move catapulted Yorke to the top spot of the most legally downloaded artist in 2014.

Maybe it’s because the title is allusion to The Hulk, but I actually really enjoyed this song — more so than I thought I would. Tomorrow’s Modern Boxes left me wanting more when I gave it a listen back in September, but “You Wouldn’t Like Me..” reminds me of some of my favourite Radiohead tracks from In Rainbows and Amnesiac.

The song starts off simple enough, a couple digitally rendered and discordant beeps and noises. But when the grinding organ enters 20-seconds in, it doesn’t let up. It obviously holds over a lot of the electronic, borderline-chiptune quality of Tomorrow’s but it also feels incredibly somber and hopeful. Give it a listen.

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