This Is The App Of The Year: Gizmodo Awards 2014

The votes are in. This is your app of the year for 2014.

Editor's Pick

Monument Valley

Impossibly beautiful. Geometrically perfect. Brilliantly complex. There are so many ways to describe how amazing it is to play Monument Valley, but none of them come close to playing this amazingly beautiful yet breathtakingly addictive game for iOS and Android. I want to play it over and over.

Honourable Mentions:


Reader's Choice


Clipp is an app that lets you create, add to and close out on bar tabs at hundreds of venues across the country. If you’re the kind of guy or girl that leaves your credit card behind the bar at the start of a long night — with the danger of losing track of your drinks, or how much you’ve spent — then Clipp simultaneously lets you track your spending and track your drink consumption in a convenient interface.

It's stupidly easy to use and helps you get your drink on (responsibly) in a more 21st Century manner. No wonder it's the Gizmodo Australia reader's choice for 2014!

Congratulations to the Clipp team!

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    I found Monument Valley to be waaay too short and waaay too easy. There was almost no challenge to it at all. I was hoping it would be something with a complexity in the vein of the Room 1 or 2, but alas no.

    And not being someone who drinks enough to require a tab and subsequently also doesn't require a cab or uber service the other 2 are of little use to me.

    "Bonza", on the other hand, is a massive favourite. I have everybody playing it - It's multi-platform too!

    How often does anyone start a tab? I'm 56, I drink a lot and I've only ever started a tab twice in my entire life, both times with a corporate credit card for a business function.

      I run tabs all the time. Particularly helpful if I want to have a few beers, but don't have any cash (and they're too cheap to pay for individually by EFTPOS). "Siri, remind me to pay my tab when I leave my current location" prevents too many next-morning walks of shame, too.

      to "some idiot". Hey mugu, You need to watch how it is done. It's the way the numbers do it now. If you wan to have 27 or even 28 drinks, you no longer need to pay with food and bread. Just clipp it and it will watch you and make sure your alright. It's going to change you......

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