The Tesla Model S Is Telstra’s Most Expensive Mobile Hotspot

The Tesla Model S Is Telstra’s Most Expensive Mobile Hotspot

Thinking about picking up a Telstra mobile hotspot but don’t like any of the ones on the market right now? Try this on for size: it has four wheels, produces zero emissions and can do 0-42Mbps in a little under 1 second. It even drives around! That’s right: getting a Tesla Model S gets you free in-car connectivity thanks to Telstra.

The Tesla Model S has its own internet connection for a few reasons. First of all, it’s used to connect the massive infotainment screens to the web, giving you live maps, access to Rdio and other music streaming services as well as in-car Wi-Fi for anyone travelling with you.

Telstra has today announced that anyone who picks up a Model S in Australia will get access to the Telstra 3G network in the car, which is probably for the best considering that Telstra has some of the best coverage around our fair nation.

Telstra’s 3G network will connect Tesla owners to their cars via the Tesla app, which allows for the air conditioning to be turned on remotely, and unlock the doors. Tesla technicians will also be able to access the car’s remote diagnostics over the 3G network if something goes wrong.

So, anyone got a spare $100,000 for the new Telstra wireless hotspot?

Update: As a clarification, we should point out that the Model S is not technically a mobile hotspot, since you can’t use its ‘net connection through any device other than the car’s central 17-inch touchscreen (like a smartphone, for example). The Telstra 3G SIM in the Model S powers Google Maps, internet radio streaming, and so on.