The Rise Of The Double-Yolk Egg

The Rise Of The Double-Yolk Egg

For decades, double-yolk eggs have been meticulously erased from the food-buying experience. But with the rise of trendy all-natural diets, and a general f*ck-you attitude to cholesterol, double-yolkers are back in vogue, so much so that one company in the US is selling them by the dozen.

Grub Street has an excellent profile of Sauder Eggs, a company that's long been selling double-yolk eggs locally, but has recently started to ship further afield, by popular demand. Double-yolk eggs occur naturally, about one in every 1000 eggs laid by your average hen. A double-yolk egg occurs when two yolks are released too close together inside mama hen, and get captured in the same shell. In some countries, where double-yolk eggs are more common, chickens have been carefully bred to produce double-yolkers, but in the US of A, getting a carton of them requires basic manual labour.

Every egg, double or not, is inspected with a light ('candling' is the official term) to look for blood spots and egg development. But that also enables inspectors to differentiate on the number of yolks, and the doubles are set aside and packaged at Sauder's into its Double-Yolker packages. From there, it's just a matter of shipping them to the grocery store, where you can buy them, and whip up some properly hangover-curing omlettes. [Grub Street]

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    The yolks are the best part of an egg. Sometimes I fry up a couple of eggs and cut off the white parts and throw them in the bin just leaving the yolks to be eaten.

    Once in a carton of a dozen Coles eggs, I had 7 double Yolkers. A shame I also did not win the lottery that week

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    With all the manual labor involved in packaging them, is the price worth it, they would probably cost near twice the price of regular eggs (guessing, since no price is quoted), so if you really want a double yolker just use 2 eggs.

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