The Coolest (And Weirdest) Stuff From The Animation Art Auction

The Coolest (And Weirdest) Stuff From The Animation Art Auction

There’s an impressive art auction at Profiles in History today and tomorrow featuring everything from wax figures to theme park blueprints. Here’s some of the coolest (and weirdest) stuff from it, if you’re still looking to get me something for Christmas. For instance, the Alice in Wonderland concept painting above by legendary Disney artist Mary Blair would look great on my wall. And it’s only expected to set you back about $US12,000 to $US15,000!

Wax “Lifecast” of Walt Disney ($US15,000-$US20,000)

This standing wax figure of Disney was created in the 1960s by Madame Stubergh from an actual cast of Disney’s face. It’s item number 372 if you’re looking for something unique and bizarre to stare at you while you sleep.

Jetsons Animation Cel ($US200-$US300)

The original version of The Jetsons only lasted one season in 1962-63. And very few animation cels from that time survived. But you can now own one of those cels. Granted, it’s been plastered on top of a background from the 1980s. The whole thing almost feels sacrilegious.

Blueprints from Walt Disney World ($US300-$US500)

These vintage Walt Disney World blueprints dating from the 1970s to the 1990s are pretty damn cool if you’re a Disney nerd like myself. There are apparently seven blueprints, including some for attractions like Space Mountain, the Haunted Mansion and the Tree of Life.

Star Trek Animated Series Publicity Cel ($US400-$US600)

This oversized publicity cel from the 1973 animated version of Star Trek was never used in production. But it’s still pretty sweet, nonetheless.

EPCOT Concept Art ($US300-$US500)

This auction reminds me that I don’t have enough vintage EPCOT in my life. Items 375-382 are concept art from EPCOT pavilions, including The Land (above).

Coin Operated 8mm Cartoon Booth ($US500-$US700)

A coin operated booth from the 1970s that played 8mm movies of Walter Lantz cartoons like Woody Woodpecker? Sign me up! Can’t believe this one is only expected to fetch between $US500 and $US700.

Goofy Skiing Cel ($US8,000-$US12,000)

The original 1940s-60s Goofy shorts are some of my favourite pieces of animation of all time. The “How To” series is fantastic, and item 693 is from the classic Goofy short “The Art of Skiing.”

How The Grinch Stole Christmas Cel ($US10,000-$US15,0000)

This animation cel from the original 1966 animated production of How The Grinch Stole Christmas is reportedly in amazing shape.

Mary Blair Concept Art for Song of the South ($US15,000-$US20,000)

The 1946 film Song of the South is so controversial that Disney refuses to release it on DVD. But that doesn’t keep this concept art for the film from Mary Blair from being absolutely stunning. At this point in the development of the movie, it still had a chance at not being racist. But Blair’s art is an amazing piece of work, provided you’ve got $US20,000 burning a hole in your pocket.

Alice in Wonderland Concepts ($US15,000-$US20,000)

Speaking of Mary Blair, there’s plenty of her work in this auction. Including this painting done in the early conceptual period of Alice in Wonderland.

Daffy Duck Cel ($US8,000-$US12,000)

Stylistically there were few things cooler than 1950s Daffy Duck. And if you’ve got ten grand just lying around, you can own a piece of that history with this cel and background from the 1956 short Deduce You Say!

Dick Van Dyke’s Jacket in Mary Poppins ($US60,000-$US80,000)

And last but certainly not least, if you ever wanted to step inside the movie Mary Poppins, this might be your closest shot. Dick Van Dyke’s jacket from the movie is going on sale, and it’s expected to fetch anywhere from $US60,000 to $US80,000.