The Best Times To Find An Uber Tonight

The Best Times To Find An Uber Tonight

Last New Year’s Eve, I ordered an Uber car from the Sydney casino not long after midnight and it arrived in minutes (to the amazement of my tipsy friends). But the service is much more popular now, and will be tonight — surge pricing be damned. Interestingly, Uber Australia has posted this graph of expected NYE demand. These are the best times to ride tonight.

Says Uber Australia’s blog:

On New Year’s Eve, everyone is looking for rides at exactly the same times. We expect the highest demand and highest fares between 12:30 and 4:00 AM, where an average ride at 2 AM could be over $100. To avoid these high fares, don’t request during these three and a half hours — catch a ride just after midnight or wait a couple of hours for prices to return to normal

Or try public transport. Or a taxi. Or walk. Keep each other safe tonight guys. Happy new year!