The Best Easter Eggs On The Internet

The Best Easter Eggs On The Internet

I have a lot of sympathy for web designers and programmers. Although they slave away to create incredible software used by millions (or, at least, the good ones do), no-one ever really appreciates their work. Easter eggs are just a tiny portal into their world.

Last week, I asked you to list the best you’d stumbled across on the internet. Here’s the fruits of your collective labour, as judged by me using a secretive and arbitrary set of criteria.

Chrome mobile offline dinosaur jumper game

Pretty self-explanatory, this one. Just try to load up an internet page in the mobile version of Chrome, but when you have no internet. You’ll get this handy picture of a dinosaur. Touch him, and you can start jumping to your heart’s content.

via nFamousCJ

Hit the little # sign at the lower right and then either squeeze or framina

It’s been around for so long.

An oldie but a goodie. Make sure you turn your speakers up

via Buckaroo

Black Acre Brewing

Hint, click I’m under 21.

A genuine Easter Egg, because I’m not actually sure who goes to the website of a brewery, but then admits that they’re under 21.

via TrustMe2

Konami Code

A lot of sites do something when you input the Konami Code (U-U-D-D-L-R-L-R-B-A-Start)

Arrows for directions, Enter for Start. There’s a big list of them. For example, the code on Gamespot takes you to the Contra page.

Although there’s a whole laundry list of sites that do something when you enter the Konami code, Buzzfeed’s sloth takeover is probably my favourite.

via StoutFiles

Google’s Search Eggs

Google is probably the most prolific Easter-egger on the internet, but one of their particularly strong suits are the Easter eggs you can access by searching for specific things, like ‘do a barrel roll’ or ‘recursion’, among others.

via ismokewaaaaaytoomuch and SpoonMan54321

Google Hangout ponies

If someone is giving you a mild embolism on Google Hangouts, just type in:


into the message box.

Trust me, it helps.

(No specific URL, obviously, but it seems to work on web and app versions of Hangouts.)

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