Take In The Views Atop Britain's Tallest Spire

Take In the Views Atop Britain's Tallest Spire

Video: While repairing a weather meter on top of the Salisbury Cathedral in Wiltshire, conservators strapped on GoPros and captured the views at a stunning 125 metres up.

According to BBC News, this wasn't just a quaint jaunt up a bunch of steps. The workers actually had to scale the last 49 feet using steel rings embedded in the spire. Gary Price, one of the conservators, describes the most frightening aspect of this daredevil roof-patching mission:

If there's two or three of you up there, and one of you moves, you can feel the spire slightly swaying. Not a massive amount but enough to notice that it is moving with the wind.

Yeah...NOPE. I'll be leaving both my feet firmly planted on the ground for the foreseeable future. Thank you. [BBC News]

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