Sony Pictures CEO: We Have Not Given In

Sony Pictures CEO: We Have Not Given In

In a laughable dodge, Sony Pictures CEO Michael Lynton has responded to President Obama’s assertions that Sony Pictures made a mistake by pulling The Interview. His case? “Hey! We didn’t make the mistake!”

Variety reports that Lynton said the following to a CNN reporter in an interview (but not The Interview) that is yet to air:

“We have not caved. We have not given in. We have persevered,”

You can just hear the emphasis on the “we” there, can’t you?

What Lynton is pointing to, of course, is that five major theatre chains backed out of showing The Interview before Sony went and pulled it entirely, as if that somehow validates Sony’s additional cowardice. It doesn’t for a few reasons. Sony is the one who chickened out in the first place, leaving the decision of whether or not to run The Interview up to the theatres that bailed. Also, Sony could totally just have let ballsier studios do whatever they pleased instead of icing the whole thing.

Lynton apparently went on to explain that he definitely wants the public to see the film, despite Sony Picture’s recent statement that it has no current plans for the film’s release, digital or otherwise.

Whether theatre chains’ cancellations pushed a stalwart Sony Pictures over the edge, or gave a frightened Sony Pictures an excuse to pull the plug entirely, there’s no question that just about everyone involved has been handling everything horribly.

Although if there’s one thing we can probably all agree on, it’s that Paramount is the real wimp here.

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