Relive The Hours You Wasted This Year With YouTube’s Top Videos Of 2014

YouTube just put out a list of the top videos of the year, and it will be no surprise that you’ve probably seen many of them before. Let’s look back at your year in wasted time and lost productivity by wasting just a little bit more by watching these videos again.

According to YouTube, these are the “top trending videos”, a list they come up with by combining “likes, shares, comments, response videos, parodies, etc”. They’re not necessarily the most-watched videos, but you’ve still probably seen them before. You’ll recognise the winner, our friend the mutant giant spider dog:

Other notable mentions are the heartbreaking First Kiss video as well as the infamous iPhone 6 Plus Bend test and 10 Hours of Walking in NYC as a Woman.

Check out YouTube’s blog post for the complete listing of videos. Here’s to all the viral garbage we watched this year. Thanks for the wasted time! [YouTube]