Physicists Invented A Horrible New Pasta Shape, For Science

Physicists Invented a Horrible New Pasta Shape, For Science

Physicists at the University of Warwick created a new hard-to-eat pasta shape they call anelloni to demonstrate the complicated formations ring-shaped polymers can form when they intertwine.

Since anelloni highlights how polymers tangle together into dense formations by tangling pieces of pasta together into a lumpy noodle version of the RatKing, scientists Davide Michieletto and Matthew Turner basically created the most annoying pasta to eat of all time-usurping even slippery, boring linguine.

Combining science and food can have delicious results, like the molecular gastronomy of high-end restaurants like Alinea*. Other times, the results are good for research but bad for your mouth.

The decision to use delicious carbs to showcase science is hard not to get behind, but I hope the physicists will come up with a demonstration that results in food that is not a jumbled frustration headache. Michieletto and Turner primarily focus on computer simulations of polymers, so this foray into kitchen experiments may not get a repeat.

Farfalle may only demonstrate the enduring quaintness of bowties and not the intricacies of polymer contact, but at least it's easy to move from fork to mouth. [Physics World via]

*I have never eaten at Alinea because I am a blogger.

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    I don't even like pasta, but seriously how is this horrible?

    Do these people who hate pasta because it's long or tangled not own knives?

    But the question we all want to know - How does this help us untangle our headphones??

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