Philips Laser-Guided BeardTrimmer 9000: Australian Review

Philips Laser-Guided BeardTrimmer 9000: Australian Review

Trimming your beard is still a very 19th Century affair what with blades, foams and other apothecarial supplies. What if you want military-grade precision making your beard look tip-top? That's where the Philips laser-guided BeardTrimmer 9000 comes in.

It retails for $150 and it retails exclusively at Shaver Shop right now.

What's Good?

First of all, if you're after a shaver that does a great job in a hurry, stop reading and go out to buy this right now. I'm one of the many men who has followed the trend and developed a beard in 2014, and trimming it back to a manageable length every Sunday night can be a massive pain with the wrong equipment.

The Philips BeardTrimmer 9000, however, is the perfect bit of kit. It turns what has sometimes been a cumbersome, 30-minute job into a 5 minute doddle. I absolutely love it for the time it has given me back in the bathroom. Simply set it to one of its 17 trim lengths (I prefer 7mm), and run it over your face. Done.

Speaking of the settings, my word. There are so many different lengths to choose from. Even tiny variations in the length can be noticed on the face. There are differences of .2mm between some settings, and that's awesome for those who want their moustache a bit shorter than the rest of their beard or any number of other options.

Shower shavers aren't going to be let down by the Philips either, given that it's completely waterproof. It makes for easy cleaning, too.

The laser component of the trimmer is pretty interesting. Once you push down on the yellow tab to deploy it, you get a line of laser light shining out across your face to show you where you're going to be trimming. It's like manscaping for Navy SEALs.

The best part is that all this convenience and gadgetry comes in at quite a manageable price, too.

What's Not So Good?

While the Philips is a great facial hair trimmer, it's not great for other parts of the body. 7mm is a little short for chest hair for example.

Meanwhile, on the other end of the length spectrum, the 0.4mm setting for super-close up doesn't get as close as you might like. For the closest shave a blade still does a great job.

Should You Buy It?

Beards are all the rage nowadays, and you need a way to maintain your mane. This is a fantastic and precise way to keep it in order and save loads of time. It's on our Christmas lists for sure.