Optus Has A New Blanket Gadget Insurance Plan, But Is It Good Value?

Remember phone insurance? Do people still get that? Optus certainly thinks so, rolling out a new plan that lets you insure all of the devices on your account under one blanket policy. Curious.

Under the new plan, which Optus is calling Yes Cover, you pay $13 per month on top of your account and you're covered for pretty much every device on your bill: tablets, phones and accessories.

That $13 per month covers you for accidental damage as well as theft, both within Australia and internationally.

You can make as many claims as you like on your policy in the life of the contract, and it's not a lock-in affair, meaning you can cancel it whenever you like.

You have to pay to make a claim under Yes Cover, with a "fee" of $50 for damaged devices and $150 for lost or stolen devices. While that's not ideal to pay your insurance premium plus an excess fee when you make a claim, it's better than using your home insurance policy where premiums go up with every claim.

The Yes Cover also only applies to devices you have through Optus, which means if you've bought your tablet outright through a third-party like Apple or Samsung, it won't be covered. Unless you have everything consolidated on your bill as one monthly payment for both device and service, this might not be the best deal in the world.

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