Kim Dotcom Is Taking His Political Party To The US In 2015

Kim Dotcom Is Bringing His Political Party to the US in 2015

Kim Dotcom may be down on his luck, be he's certainly not out. After failing to win a seat in New Zealand, the German-Finnish Internet entrepreneur has now announced that he's taking his Internet Party to the US next year.

He hopes that it will be "Hillary's worst nightmare in 2016!" The party's policies are as you expect from something called the Internet Party: internet freedom, free university education and the decriminalisation of cannabis.

There's no word on what form the party will take in the US or who will be representing it, other than the message that it will be "well funded and run by American citizens." Dotcom, meanwhile, will help with PR. Which... well, promises to be interesting.

[Kim Dotcom via Engadget]

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